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24 April
Cheshire, United Kingdom
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casino royale, dresden files, firefly/serenity, george rr martin, harry potter, potc, stranger than fiction, writing
Well, I never know what to put in 'about yourself' pages for a start...

But lets just stick the facts: i am a British chap in my mid-twenties, who likes to write smutty stuff, mainly for Harry Potter and A Song of Ice & Fire.

I mostly write Harry with any of several female partners, but I have lately branched out into other het. my pairings for ASoIaF are much more varied. Fics are tagged as fics, by fandom and by pairing. Honest reviews and concrit are encouraged on all my works.

Friending policy:- I can't stop you! But if you want me to friend you back it's a good idea to drop me a message to say hi! And why you friended me.

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